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Get in Amazing Shape & Stay in Shape
See real results within 2 months, GUARANTEED. You will get in great shape, develop REAL MMA SKILLS, and build confidence. Our workouts are designed to get you results in the shortest time possible.

You will burn between 700-1,000 calories per mma workout and have fun while getting in the best shape of your life.  You will be around supportive instructors and students who will help you crush your goals and build new skills.
Not only will you get in great shape, you will stay in great shape.  You won’t get bored of our workouts and training will become a part of your lifestyle.  Having a fun workout makes it so much easier to stay in shape.

Train With the Best Team
Peak Performance MMA is run by Coach Paul Halme. Paul is one of the few people in the World to hold the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kru in Muay Thai. He is also a Best Selling Author on MMA. Paul has cornered fighters in most major MMA organizations including the UFC.

Paul has been training for 19 years and refining the programs at Peak Performance since we opened up in 2003. He is still very passionate about coaching and trains all over the World in order to bring back the newest skills and techniques to our team.  He is also one of the few instructors in the area that still competes all around the World and most recently won Double Gold Medals at The IBJJF Asian Open in Tokyo, Japan.  You can rest assured that Coach Paul teaches you from experience and not theory.

Reach YOUR Goals!
Join the hundreds of people who have improved their lives at Peak Performance MMA! Absolutely ZERO experience is required as we are one of the only academies around that offers a pure beginners only class to get you in shape and teach you the core components of MMA.
We offer a pure beginners only program so that you can learn mma in a comfortable environment and build the foundation for success. You will learn the basics of mma and at the same time get in the best shape of your life! We keep this class very small so that you get the extra attention you deserve.

When you are ready to move up, we offer intermediate and advanced mma classes. We are here to help you reach your goals! We offer mma classes for everyone and no experience is required.
At Peak Performance you will progress at your own pace and have the opportunity to continuously improve your skills on the road to becoming an MMA expert all while getting in the best shape of your life.

Why Should You Choose Peak Performance?

  • Expert MMA Instruction
  • Beginner Only MMA Classes To Get You Safely Started
  • Intermediate and Advanced MMA Classes as you progress
  • Fun, Family Environment

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We have been helping people just like you since 2003.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to some of our amazing students below:

Why You Should Start Training Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport for all ages. Here at Peak Performance MMA in Keller and Fort Worth, Texas, we believe this is something anyone can get involved in. It’s why we offer classes for both adults and children in a safe and fun environment.

Combat martial arts have received a reputation as dangerous, violent, and liable to cause injury. This is very far from the truth, mma training is very safe if taught in a certified and qualified academy like Peak Performance.  We start you off in a pure beginner only class and teach you the foundational mma skills and get you in shape in a safe and fun environment.

Here are some of the reasons why you should start training in Mixed Martial Arts with Peak Performance MMA in Keller and North Richland Hills.

Knowing Mixed Martial Arts in Fort Keller gives you the tools needed to defend yourself, if the situation arises. We teach students discipline and how to keep a cool head. What we don’t teach students is to start using their professional fighting techniques whenever they’re confronted.

Diplomacy is always the best outcome.

Get Fit and Healthy
Learning Mixed Martial Arts in Fort Worth trains and gets you ripped. It’s an art which involves a strong heart, a powerful body, and mental strength. We don’t just train your body. We train your mind.

Even if you’re not in the best shape right now, a few sessions with us will deal with that. Our coaches workout to get you in prime physical condition, so they can point you in the right direction and guide you every step of the way.

Make New Friends
We are many things. Most of all, though, we’re a fraternity. Everything we do we do as a family. It’s common to form lifelong bonds whilst learning a martial art together. We have classes from beginners all the way up to professional level, so you’re going to run into someone who is at the same level as you.

We have students who started at the beginner level and worked together all the way to our professional classes.

Give it a Try
The biggest reason to give the Peak Performance MMA academy a try is we offer full value for money. Call us on 817-614-9325 today and we’ll give you a free video and three totally free sessions of Mixed Martial Arts.  We will go over your goals and develop a custom plan for you.

This gives you the chance to experience a new form of fitness and self-defense without having to put any money down.

MMA Classes are offered for children, teenagers and adults located in the neighborhoods of Southlake, Fort Worth, Haslet, Roanoke, Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Watuga and Colleyville.

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